Adult Education

From Fundamentals to Sermons

Bible and Bagels

Join us for an exhilarating hour of discussion focusing on the Torah portion of the week, and often, other subjects as well. We examine the many different layers of the Torah, enhance our study with the commentaries of the rabbis, and seek lessons from an ancient text that are relevant in our own lives. We meet on Sunday mornings, during Religious School, at 9:30 AM. Watch the bulletin for the class schedule.

Coffee with the Clergy

Another educational opportunity with the Clergy is offered on the first and third Wednesday morning of each month at 11:00 AM. Join us for an exhilarating hour of discussion on various topics. Watch the bulletin for specific dates.

The Fundamentals of Our Faith

Focusing less on facts, and more on the great ideas of the Jewish people, we will learn answers to some of the most compelling questions we have about Judaism. What makes Judaism unique? How did Judaism differ from the religious philosophy of the pagan world? Why is the Torah still relevant and why was the Talmud written? What is the difference between the written and oral law of Judaism? How did historical developments affect Jewish faith and practice? What happened because of Enlightenment and why do we have Orthodox, Reform and Conservative Judaism? Why mark time with the Jewish calendar and sanctify our personal moments with the life-cycle rituals of our tradition? Should we still believe in the concept of the Chosen People and the Messiah? Why does Judaism not have a comprehensive theology? We certainly will not study all that there is to know in Judaism, but after this brief period of study you will know enough about Judaism to “get the picture.” The schedule of “The Fundamentals of our Faith” will appear in the bulletin while the class is being taught. You are welcome to join us for all of the classes, or a particular class that is of special interest to you. Potential converts to Judaism are required to take this course. The course is fifteen weeks and each class is 90 minutes.

Join us at selected Friday night services where a topic enhanced with Jewish texts is presented. From Talmud to Torah, from questions asked in the Responsa Literature to contemporary concerns relevant for our generation, these Shabbat Study Sermons examine how Judaism addresses important issues from a textual perspective.

Shabbat Study Sermons

Watch the BULLETIN for opportunities to hear visiting speakers express their opinions on a variety of issues.

Friday Night Guest Speakers

Read the BULLETIN for opportunities to learn on a seasonal basis. These short courses, usually from five to eight classes, are generally offered in the Fall, schedule permitting. The current offering is:

Seasonal Classes

Join us for another taste of the Ethics of the Fathers. This is a wonderful compilation of Judaism's ethical imperatives from the maxims of the Rabbis. This unique collection is the only section of our legal literature devoted exclusively to the moral and ethical principles of our tradition.

Pirkei Avot: The Ethics of the Fathers